Fanaticus Entertainment is a development and production company, founded and presided over by two-time Oscar Nominee Djimon Hounsou. Like Djimon’s career, Fanaticus’ main goal is to develop and produce internationally award-winning theatrical films and documentaries. Dreams are not limited by country, language, or culture so the emphasis within the company is INTERNATIONAL; both in content and delivery. 


Within the capacity of international projects, Fanaticus is focused on making legacy films: films that leave a cultural impact abroad. We work strategically with companies and filmmakers from around the world, creating counter-culture and inter-culture programming. Our goal is to work with talent (actors, directors, producers, writers, etc) of the highest quality. We do not want to develop and produce cookie-cutter content, recycling the same stories. We want to tell stories that have never been told before. The world is more inter-connected than ever before, and not only do we acknowledge that diversity, but we celebrate it.


As the industry experiences changes due new technology and growing distribution outlets; we embrace that so too must production companies adapt to stay relevant and profitable. International box office receipts now account for nearly 70% of a film’s total gross. No longer is an American made, Hollywood film merely an American product. Companies and films that ignore this are destined for failure before the first frame is shot. Additionally, the digital platform has opened distribution up to a larger crowd and has extended a film’s lifespan.


We believe that it is our responsibility as a production company to create responsible, smart, and entertaining material. Fanaticus also wants to make an impact outside of media, so we use our influence in any way possible to boost beneficial projects around the world. This might include working with governments to increase infrastructure in foreign countries, promoting environmental or cultural awareness, or supporting chosen non-profit companies in their goals.